Saturday, 15 October 2016

First Trident Departs

318 in happier days entering St. Annes Square on a service 14 working from Fleetwood (Brian Turner)
Trident 318 departed for scrap yesterday (14 October 2006) at the age of just 13. It arrived in May 2003 entering service on 26th. It carried pool black and yellow and mainly ran on the 14, but when spare would also operate on the 11. With the end of the Metro network in 2010 it ran on most double deck routes. 

In June 2012 318 was the pilot for the replacement of the roller blinds with LED displays leading to most of the 2003/4/6 batches being treated. In November 2012 it had its sole repaint into the standard black and yellow livery having run in a rear end advert for a local health initative for much of the year. 

Sadly on 23 January 2016 vandals set fire to seats on the top deck causing roof damage. Its engine was donated to a sister bus and after stripping it has now gone for scrap.