Tuesday, 18 October 2016

November Service Change Update

Full timetables are now on the Blackpool Transport website for the November service changes. It looks like six fewer buses will be required compared to the present network, excluding summer service 20.

  • Service 1 from Starr Gate to Fleetwood is reduced to every 30 minutes all day, daily needing 5 buses daytimes and 4 evenings. This is a reduction of 3 PVR
  • Service 2C - the two empty runs to Knott End in the morning are replaced by an 0520 and 0550 trip from Blackpool to Knott End. An extra round trip is added at 1950 from Blackpool returning from Knott End at 2105 - this is one hour later than the current last bus
  • Services 3, 4 and 5 continue unchanged except for the Saturday service returning to its pre-Illuminations timetables
  • New Service 6 will run Corporation Street to Grange Park via the current 11 route with a 15 minute daytime (4 buses) and 30 minute evening and Sunday service (2 buses)
  • The 7 is reduced to every 20 minutes using 10 buses - a reduction of 2 v the current service. Evening services run every 30 minutes using 5 buses, the Sunday daytime service is also every 30 minutes but will interwork with the 9 sharing ten buses - probably Palladium Citaros and Centros
  • The new service 8 runs 5 trips per day, daily at 0643, 0825, 1215, 1625, 1950 from Cleveleys and 0745, 1315, 1545, 1710 and 2115. 
  • The 9 will run every 12 minutes using nine buses - this reverts to its established resource as the 2 extra buses added to sustain the 10 minute service during the recent roadworks are no longer needed.
  • The 10 and 17 although not serving Victoria Hospital main entrance retain their existing timetables
  • The 11 runs Blackpool to Lytham every 15 minutes with 8 buses, reducing to every 30 minutes with 4 buses
  • The 14 will use 17 buses with an extra one in the peaks to serve Peel Park. It will run every 12 minutes. The evening service remains every 30 minutes using 5 buses, the Sunday daytimes every 20 minutes using 10 buses
  • The 15 and 16 run hourly using four buses, but with extra trips at peak times using an extra 3 buses
These changes mean that for the first time since 1987 there will be no single bus service operating every 10 minutes or better in Blackpool.