Friday, 19 May 2017

New Demonstrator

Enviro 200 YX17NXA is now in use on service 3 demonstrating ADL's latest single deck model. In due course the remaining Solos will need replacing, other than 257, the survivors are all 8 to 10 years old, eight from 2007, 6 from 2008 and 7 from 2009. The Enviro 200 is available in a number of lengths with 32 seats in the 8.9mn length, 36 in the 9.7m model, 40 in 10.4m, 41 in 10.8m and 46 in 11.5/11.8m models. (Liam Underwood).
Update: not previously reported is the withdrawal of Solos 249-253, leaving just 257 of the 2004 batch in use. This means the 25 new Enviros have replaced 17 Tridents and 9 Solos (though two Tridents are back in use).