Saturday, 13 May 2017

Southern Circular Scenes

Southern Circulars 15 and 16 serve the Fylde countryside between Staining and Mereside. For a brave photographer prepared to do battle with passing cars there is scope for some attractive photographs. The routes use a mix bag of buses as this photos from Thursday 11th May show. Solo 294 approaches the end of Chain Lane to turn right into Mythop Road on a 15 (Brian Turner)

Trident 323 shows the opposite extreme, with a high capacity double decker seemingly in the middle of nowhere - this is on Chain Lane approaching Staining (Brian Turner)

The Wright bodied Volvos have become common on the 15/16 reccently. Here 521 is on Chain Lane on a 15 (Brian Turner)

Sister bus 523 has waited for traffic to clear before swining into Chain Lane on service 16 (Brian Turner)
A previous incarnation of the 15 saw pink liveried Optare Metroriders such as 585 here in 2004 operate via Chain Lane and Mythop Road. This ran November 2004 to September 2009. The current 15/16 adopted the route once more in April 2016
For a brief period after the 15 ceased, BTS ran a Tesco free bus from Poulton to Mereside via Staining. Here Olympian 415 heads out of Staining (Brian Turner)