Sunday, 11 June 2017

Disposal Updates

342 has now been withdrawn again after its brief reinstatement and it is understood to be leaving imminently. The other five long Tridents, 333-337, are understood to have passed to North West Bus Sales for onward disposal. 333 has been reported in the yard of Tyrers of Adlington but this may just be for storage. 334/337 are currently taxed, 333/5/6 SORN. 337 has been reported in Selby with Stockdale's Coaches. 

Solo 253 has passed to an operator in the Cheltenham area, leaving on 31 May.

Enviro 435 has received a revised version of the 'Love your Bus' graphic on its offside with a larger font and incorporating the rainbow shades of the LGBT community to mark the recent pride event.