Sunday, 11 June 2017

Market Street Contrasts

Enviro 418 on the 11 (MA5), Stagecoach 15576 on the 68 (MA4) and Trident 302 on the 7 (MA2) on 8 June
23rd May saw the opening of the new bus stops on Market Street. Four bays in chevron format now accommodate the space of the previous three, with a the extra stop in place outside the Town Hall. 

  • Stop MA5 nearest the camera is used by BTS 11, 
  • Stop MA4 by Stagecoach 68, 
  • Stop MA3 by 5, 
  • Stop MA2 by the 7
  • Stop MA1 by the 6 and 17 outside the Town Hall north of West Street
Initially the 11 and 68 were to use MA5, with the 7 on MA4 and 6 on MA2 but this proved unworkable due to clashes between the 11 and 68, both terminating services and the arrangements changed on 23rd.  Corporation Street stops have settled to CO1 6, CO2 2/2C, CO3 14 with CO4 outside the Town Hall used by 15, 16 and Stagecoach 61.

A contrasting Trio. Atlantean 324 leads the line with sister 353 and 349 behind in September 1982. (Brian Turner)