Wednesday, 16 February 2011

First Change on the 78

Coastal Enviro KX57FMF passes the Blossoms pub on route 78
Coastal Coaches 78 seems to be keeping up with the pace of change set by its predecessor the 18. The problem of serving Ansdell has yet another possible solution. Initially the 17 (like the 2 before) ran via South Hey and then along Blackpool Road past Fylde Rugby Ground. When replaced by the 18 it was diverted via Worsley Road, Central Drive, Gordon Road and Commonside to serve Ansdell shops. This involved a buses on an unserved section of Worsley Road and prompted a rethink with South Hey dropped and the buses running via Smithy Lane, Church Road and Worsley Road then as before.
Solo 'Miss Hannah'  is about to cross Woodlands Road on the old route on 11 Feb

5 days later and Master Liam swings into Commonside from Woodlands Road on the new route
Along came the 78 which included the length of Edwinstowe Road, South Hey (in the opposite direction to the 17) and then Smithy Lane etc. Now the logical solution of readopting the original route along South Hey and Blackpool Road and then via Woodlands Road and Commonside has finally been adopted - presumably from Monday 14th.

The 78 is the first regular bus service along Woodlands Road since service shortlived minibus services 1/2 (St. Annes-Lytham) of winter 1989/90.