Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More Olympian withdrawals

The Trent Olympians are perhaps most associated with Line 1 and its orange and yellow livery as shown here by 404
With a reduced requirement for double deckers since the end of January, following the changes to Line 7 which removed the need for the two double deck operated peak duplicates, Olympians 404 and 409 have now been withdrawn.
Of the earlier withdrawals ex West Yorkshire 367 is now in for component recovery prior to departure from scrap. Sisters 365, 366 and ex Trent 401 and 403 remain in store at Jackson's Marton.

As yet there have been no Solo withdrawals, though it is still expected that some of the 1999 batch will be declared redundant.

Olympian 409 demonstrates the original green and cream livery carried, while on service 6 in March 2001