Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Round Up

Last Sunday's service change to Lines 7 and 17 has seen single deckers return to the 7 and Solos return to the 2/2C. The 17 has also been converted to Solo operation on Monday to Saturdays, matching the Sunday allocation. Prior to the changes 11 single deckers were allocated to the 2/2C and 17 and 15 Solos to the 7 and 18 so the net effect of the service change is to render four Solos surplus - though no withdrawals have yet been identified. Dennis Trident 336 has emerged from repaint - the last ex Blackburn example treated.

Coastal Coaches are operating five Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s on hire from Dawson Rentals to cover its increased requirement for routes 76, 78 and the evening 17. They are KX57FME; KX08HMF; KX58GVA; KX57FMF and KX58GTF. These are expected to be replaced by new Optare Solos in the near future.