Saturday, 10 March 2012

Familar scenes at Saltcotes Road

Route 7 is now linked to route 11 at Saltcotes and also now serves Mythop Road. Here 374 turns from Mythop Road onto Station Road to head back to Cleveleys
Service changes from Monday saw the 11 extended to Saltcotes Road and operationally linked to the 7. Buses now arrive at Saltcotes via Lytham Hospital as the 11 and then depart via Mythop Road as service 7 and vice versa. This replicates the pattern in place from 1973, when buses were first extended to Saltcotes Road until 1982 when the roundabout at Saltcotes Road/Mythop Road allowed all buses to run via Lytham Hospital with the Mythop Road route dropped.

Excel 224 crests Station Road bridge on the re-routed 7

370 turns onto Mythop Road at Saltcotes Road. Since 1982 terminating buses have used the roundabout behind the bus to turn, save for a period when the 7 ran in a one directional loop via Mythop Road and Hospital

Trident 322 awaits departure for Grange Park on the 11 while 374 sits opposite for Cleveleys on the 7.

Excel 212 turns onto Station Road on route 11 heading to Saltcotes Road...

...and becomes a  service 7 bus passing one of the many Daffodil beds which enhance Lytham so well at this time of year

30 Years ago - March 1982 and Fylde Panther 71 heads for St. Annes on route 11 with a Fylde Atlantean waiting to head out along Mythop Road