Friday, 2 March 2012

More Manx Trident News

347 is confirmed as the former IOM 52 as seen in this photo at Bus and Coach world, retaining its Manx plate 347.  Sisters 72-74 were also noted under initial preparation: Ex IOM 72, Ex IOM 73; Ex IOM 74. All photos are in Gregg Collins's photostream. 348 is therefore expected to be the former 49.

NoRegIOM NoIOM RegChassis NoBody NoStatus
343H1FBT53EMN53Y2106734305In Service Dec 11
344E11BTS50EMN50Y2105534303In Service Mar 12
345E12BTS48EMN50Y2104534301In Service Mar 12
346E13BTS51EMN51Y2106634304In Service Mar 12
tbctbc71MAN93F3130336802under overhaul
tbctbc75GMN324F3130836805under overhaul
tbctbc74FMN540E3130736804under overhaul
tbctbc72FMN158E3129936801under overhaul
tbctbc73FMN158E3130436803under overhaul