Friday, 30 March 2012

Round the Circle at Mereside

Solo 272 leaves the turning circle on the long 16 to Cleveleys
Today has seen the turning circle at Mereside in use as a temporary terminus due to congestion at Tesco due to the current rush to buy petrol. Used as the main Mereside terminus from the 1970s until Tesco opened and since used sporadically, it was not used to load passengers, so today's change presented a rare opportunity. Ironically by 1730 when these photos were taken Tesco had run out of fuel and the congestion was non existent, but passengers will still required to use the temporary terminus! 

In other news the seventh Manx Trident, 349, has emerged with Bus and Coach World in full livery but awaits delivery.

Trident 314 has arrived on the 14 with 344 behind

Trident 344 poses alongside the temporary stop