Friday, 13 May 2011

Diverting Diversions

Heras Fencing and Road Closed signs continue to do battle for the 'Image of Blackpool 2011' title and things have reached such a level that even diversionary routes are subject to diversions.
Trident 315 passes the Big Blue Hotel on its way to Lytham while diverted away from Lytham Road due to Skew Bridge closure and the temporary closure of Watson Road
The closure of Skew Bridge to buses earlier this year seems to be no nearer to resolution with no indication of when rectification is to take place. The disruption to bus services has been compounded by the need to undertake emergency utilities work on Watson Road - the diversion route for the 5, 11 and 68. As a result the 11 and 68 are now turning off Lytham Road at the Farmer's Arms and using Harrowside, Clifton Drive, Bond Street and Station Road - missing out Arnold School as well as Thames Primary. Route 5 now turns into Watson Road and onto St. Annes Road missing out the major South Shore traffic objective of Royal Oak.

New liveried Trident 326 descends Harrowside which is currently seeing ten buses per hour in each direction with the 11 and 68 joining the 16
 As the lengthy Promenade closure heads into its final stages work will take place adjacent to the Metropole Hotel on weekdays in May which is likely to see southbound 1, 3, 4 and 15 buses diverted once more.

Having descended the hill, 326 turns right onto Clifton Drive