Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Spring Scenes

The single deck Volvos have settled down to regular use on service 7 alongside Excels. Here 526 loads in Lytham Square, though some have foregone the temptation of Plaxton's craftsmanship in favour of an Ice Cream.
The 1 and 1A now tend to see double decks at weekends and single decks midweek. Here Excel 216 puts in a turn on the southern leg.

Volvo Olympian 379 put in a now quite rare appearance on the 11 on 30 April as seen here in Lytham - the following day it operated on route 20.

322 and 323 are the other two active buses to retain Line 11 colours - here 323 works route 1A at South Pier
Trident 342's electronic destination display has suffered a failure and the bus has recently been restricted to the 11, usually with printed destinations in the windscreen and a semi-permanent "11" applied to the rear number display!

The new livery is now carried by 17 out of the 40 Tridents - here 326 turns from Chapel Street onto the Promenade - on the diverted 11 route