Monday, 23 May 2011

Solos leave

Solo 265 when new in Staining
Three of the withdrawn Solos, 263, 265 and 266 have left today following sale and they have now arrived at Holmeswood Coaches, Rufford. All three arrived in November 1999 and entered service in January 2000 on routes 23, 24, 25 and 33. 263 operated on the first day (4 January) with 265/6 following later in the week. All three were early repaints into Metro livery with Line 3 blue and yellow applied in Spring 2002. 265/6 moved onto Line 4 in Cadbury Blue in 2004 while 263 became a pool fleet bus in 2008. 263/5 were withdrawn in March 2011 with 266 following earlier this month.

Newer Solo 250 has now entered the paint shop for a repaint.

Solo 266 on its penultimate day in service working route 16
Solo 265 towards the end of its active career in March