Saturday, 11 June 2011

Anatomy of an Olympian

416 heads to Marton Mere Camp on route 20 on Saturday 11 June
The six new to Lothian Buses Leyland Olympians acquired from Blackburn Transport in 2007 have rarely seen local service work. This has changed recently with 413, 414 and 416 forming a pool for use on route 20 - though newer Olympians are still preferred with the occasional Trident (331 last Sunday).

Sister bus 413 at Corporation Street terminus
On several weekdays all three have appeared - and 417 was reported once too - but today they appeared on the Saturday service for the first time. Two trips on 413 and 416 enabled the following photos to be taken. These - and the open top Sightseeing buses - are the only dual door double deckers used by Blackpool but both drivers only used the front door. They retain many Lothian and some Blackburn features.

413 retains its traditional shaded Blackpool Transport fleet number 32 above the bus stopping sign. As well as two air vents, the ECW logo is original and contrasts with the more recent camera and safety notice

LRT Lothian advises you not to get off between stops. Alas here you couldn't get off at a stop as the exit doors remained shut and we all filed through the entrance door! (413)

Another traditional Lothian notice behind the centre exit doors (413)
The centre exit and staircase means only bench seats can be fitted in the front half of the bus (416)

The Exit sign draws passengers to the disused centre exit (416)

Upstairs on 413 - the spartan Lothian style of the era with no frills vinyl seats is apparent.

The cab view of 416 as 413 heads past. The timecard is for 'route 201'