Thursday, 9 June 2011

End in Sight for Town Centre Diversions

New liveried Olympian 369 waits at the traffic signals to turn into Hornby Road from Park Road on route 20. This junction has seen many additional bus movements over the last few months
The Promenade is expected to reopen within the next ten days which will presumably see the end of the town centre diversions. These views show some of the affected routes in their last weeks before normality may return.
Excel 215 on the 1A passes 219 on route 7. 215 is on diversion and will turn right into Bethesda Square

Olympian 370 in the old black and yellow livery crosses Church Street.

Grosvenor Street: The 11 unfortunately passes this point twice in a journey to Lytham. Buses from Grange Park turn right onto Church Street to reach Topping Street and once they have served Market Street return here and head behind the photographer onto Park Road

Sister Trident 323 on route 14 heads onto Park Street from Grosvenor Street

Bethesda Square is used by the 1A, 11 and 68 to reach Church Street and the Promenade.