Tuesday, 21 June 2011

On the Prom again

The new bus stop style which differs from those introduce in the Town Centre last year is in council purple with contrasting Blackpool black and yellow route stickers

Blackpool Promenade reopened on Monday lunchtime from Central Pier to Gynn Square (but northbound only from North Pier to Pleasant Street for now.

The ambiance is completely different from the previous dual carriageway, though the lane width, minimalistic markings  and shared space concept has caused a fair degree of controversy.
308 swings from Church Street onto the Promenade
Routes 1 and 1A have merged back into route 1 and the 5, 7, 10, 11, 14 and 17 have also returned to the Prom. Diversions for tram work in Cleveleys; and the weak bridge on Lytham Road remain. Route 14 continues to terminate at Fleetwood Ferry - the Freeport section now permanently switched to route 1 - with the 14 using its traditional Kent Street route out of Fleetwood.
Trident 337 loads at the number 1 bus stop at West Street. A further stop for this service is just beyond North Pier, replacing the badly sited stop at the Cenotaph which caused delays to the tramway

Solo 295 on Line 5 approaches the turn into Adelaide Street in front of the Tower

The stop in front of Blackpool Tower has been replaced by one outside Sands Venue just south of Adelaide Street. Volvo 522 is on the 1 to Starr Gate - note how the bus emblem on the stop is hollow!
Trident 333 is on the 14 and heads north along the new roadway with the recently refurbished tramway in the foreground