Sunday, 19 June 2011

Last 11s and a Correction

Olympian 379 heads up Talbot Road on the penultimate full day of Town Centre diversions - 18 June.
Just two buses remain active in Line 11 livery - Trident 322 and Olympian 379 and both saw service on their former route on Saturday 18th June.
The 11 remains on long term diversion via Bond Street between Station Road and Watson Road. Here 322 approaches Withnell Road junction
Meanwhile Optare Solo 250 has emerged from the paint shop as the second former Line 5 Solo to receive the new fleet livery.

Also on service 11 on Saturday was Line 7 liveried Excel 225 - one of five purchased from Reading. Here it is seen through the panoramic front upper deck windscreen of 379
 Correspondents have recently confirmed the continued existence of Atlantean 330 at Liddels of Cumnock. (Flickr photo). This was one of six purchased in 2002 (325-327, 329, 330 and 332) and only briefly ran in its new home before being withdrawn in 2003. Amazingly it remains in store eight years later, long after its sisters have departed. Atlantean Afterlife has duly been updated.