Monday, 18 July 2011

Buses to Lytham Hall

May 1982: Fylde Leopard 42 outside the Hall at a GRE open day

Lytham Hall is a 18th Century manor house located in large grounds adjacent to South Park. It is now a public park, but access used to be much more restricted. Its main access is from Ballam Road/South Park junction through an arched gate. This used to be the background for official Duple coach photos. The drive from the gate to the hall is around one mile long and single track with passing loops. On several occasions buses have been used to take passengers to the Hall during events. These include family open days during the era when Guardian Royal Exchange owned the site and weddings/events since the Lytham Town Trust took-over in 1997.
May 1982: Fylde Leopard 36 on arrival at Lytham Hall

May 1982: Fylde 36 on the drive

Fylde 42 unloads at Lytham Hall prior to reversing and returning to the GRE Car Park
May 1982: Impostor at the gate - 42 was a Plaxton bodied Leopard and is captured in a pose favoured by Duple for its official photographs

21 July 1984: Preserved buses have replaced the Fylde Coaches including this rare Bullocks of Cheadle Foden. LMA284 remains in the care of the Greater Manchester Museum of Transport

July 1984 - a Premier Bedford OB Coach was also in use - this is believed to be BRN654 new to Premier of Preston.

21 July 1984: CWG206 a 1950 Leyland Tiger from Alexander of Falkirk.

25 July 1991: Fylde was back in charge - this time with open topper. New to Salford 51 DBA227C leaves the Guardian Car Park to enter the hall grounds to the left of the photographer.
25 July 1991: Two ex Hull open toppers 52 (TKH266H) and 53 (WRH294J) at the Guardian Car Park loading stop.
25 July 1991: 52's garish livery at least matches the traffic cone if not the gatehouse.

April 2009 - St George's Day event and LTT's Blackpool PD3 529 is about to leave the Hall with a shuttle to the gatehouse. RML2290 was the other bus.

April 2009: The loading point was just inside the gatehouse, though buses used the former GRE car park (now AEGON) to turn round

Classic Bus North West buses have been used on several wedding trips to the hall. Here RML2734 poses under the arch of the gatehouse