Thursday, 14 July 2011

Light Blues on the 10 again

Solo 292 loads a solitary passenger at Midgeland Road/School Road junction
Something of a 'what might have been' occurred yesterday with the use of light blue liveried Solo 292 on route 10. 292 is the last of eight Solos to carry this livery - the other seven (286-291/3) are all in the new livery though 286/7 also carried Line 2 green for a period. The Solos were purchased for Lifestyle Line 16 in 2007 but prior to this the line colour was used for the one bus Line 10 operation. This was a unique example of a route colour swapping routes - discounting the merger of the 26 and 2 in 2002. Metrorider 593 was the dedicated bus for the 10 from December 2005 to March 2007.
292 on arrival at Midgeland Road before turning onto School Road.

292 departs for Blackpool Town Centre

The old era - 593 at Midgeland Road in 2006