Saturday, 23 July 2011

News Round Up

339 looks likely to be the last Line 1 Trident if 338's visit to the paint shop results in a full repaint. Further similar vehicles are reportedly to be due from the Isle of Man which may result in the withdrawal of Line 1 liveried Olympians

The repaints of Solo 291 and Trident 322 have been completed. 379 remains in the paint shop and has been joined by Line 1 liveried 338. This will reduce the orange Tridents to just 339 and the livery may be further at risk from Olympian withdrawals as report from the Isle of Man suggest that its 11 Dennis Tridents have been sold to Blackpool Transport. This has not been confirmed locally yet but it is understood the first withdrawals have been made. The buses are likely to be 48-53 (EMN48-53Y) of 2000 and 71-75 (MAN91F, FMN158/412/540E GMN342F) of 2001. All are 72 seaters with East Lancs bodywork.

Olympians 857 and 873 continue to dominate the new City Sightseeing Tour with 818 also licensed, though 858 is still shown as on SORN on the DVLA website. Excel 221 is in the body shop for refurbishment following its return from Cummins.