Saturday, 30 July 2011

Oranges and Lemons

414 starts another journey to Blackpool from Marton Mere
This week has seen an array of orange and yellow Olympians on route 20 - with new to Trent, Lothian and London Buses examples observed. Olympian fans have been delighted by rare appearances from both 411 and 412.

Monday: 411 and 413
Tuesday: 413 and 414 (402, 406, 415 noted on route 1 duplicates)
Wednesday: 413 and 414 (later changed to 407)
Thursday: 407 and 413
Friday: 412 and 413
Saturday: 413 (changed to 412 and then changed to 416!) and Trident 323

Manoeuvres at Stanley Park:

413 approaches Stanley Park along Mere Road

It then loads for Marton Mere at the old shelter before turning left where the photographer is standing via Barlow Crescent, back past the stop and around the roundabout to North Park Drive.

Here 413 turns round Barlow Crescent passing Blackpool Cricket Club - buses do this manoeuvre in both directions

Then 414 arrives from Marton Mere and the Zoo via North Park Drive with the old bus shelter for specials to Stanley Park to the right of the bus.
As 414 navigates the roundabout, 413 heads up to North Park Drive on its way to the Zoo
Having repeated 414's manoeuvre via the Cricket Club, 414 turns onto West Park Drive

And loads for Blackpool showing the dual door layout

414 would then turn left onto Mere Road - as demonstrated the previous day by 413

Away from the Crescent and Roundabouts at Stanley Park is 412 which made a brief appearance on Saturday, replacing 413 before 416 took its place. Here it is heads along South Park Drive towards Marton Mere.

End of the route: 414 at Marton Mere terminus
Meanwhile: Open top Olympian 873 approaches the Corporation Street terminus on Monday

And heads along St. Annes Promenade on the other terminal loop of the City Sightseeing Tour