Thursday 24 January 2013

372 leaves and more repaints

372 has joined sister 369 at Parton's, Carlton near Barnsley for scrap, it left on Tuesday. Repaints are continuing with Solo 244 and Trident 309 now receiving the new livery.

Not previously reported is the application of rear end adverts for Health Checks to Tridents 317 and 318.

Sunday 20 January 2013

Round Up

DAF 368 arrived on 11th January, the fifth of its batch. Excel 225 is now in the paint shop - ending Line 7 livery - this being the first Metro livery back in 2001.

Preparation of the Blackpool North to Preston line for electrification has seen the bridge on Tithebarn Street closed to road traffic for replacement. Route 16 has been cut back to terminate at Castle Gardens with buses to Blackpool now serving Arundel Drive to regain the normal route on Fleetwood Road. Routes 2/2C and 14 have had their times revised to allow extra time to deal with the congestion caused by the road closure. Stagecoach 84 has been diverted away from Carelton via Amounderness Way and Breck Road, while Elite 87 is terminating on Tithebarn Street by a temporary footbridge which provides pedestrian access to Poulton centre. Elite is also providing a shuttle service from Castle Gardens to Poulton for displaced passengers from the 16 and 84.

Manx DAF Status

NoRegIOM NoIOM RegChassis NoBody NoArrivedService
355 L100BTS95FMN622J0092663830917/7/125/9/12
356L200BTS 93FMN621J 0092613830427/7/125/9/12
357L300BTS 94FMN620J0092643830727/7/125/9/12
358L400BTS 96FMN623J0092623830530/7/126/9/12
359L500BTS 98FMN836J0092653830831/7/124/10/12
360L600BTS 89FMN299J0092593830230/7/123/10/12
363L900BTS91FMN618J0092583830130/8/12 4/10/12
364J70BTS54FMN181P0094314110125/9/12 17/12/12
365J90BTS81FMN804T0098304110925/9/12 17/12/12
tbctbc76FMN500T00965041105at Blackburnawaited
Note identites of 366 and 367 have been corrected, following confirmation of 366's indentity. 367's by process of elimination.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Solos to Widnes

Surprising disposals are Solos 269, 271 and 272 to Halton Transport, Widnes. There are non standard in the otherwise Dennis Dart based Halton fleet and are understood to be for a new service which requires smaller vehicles.

Excel 213 has now entered the paint shop for a repaint, leaving just 225 in Line 7 livery.