Monday 1 May 2023

Spring Round Up

 Blackpool Transport

Service changes from Sunday 16th April saw a change of heart for Staining where in December the former service 20 was cancelled as it was no longer commercially viable. Transpora won a short term contract for a replacement service numbered 72 which ran via Layton rather than the Zoo. Inspired, Blackpool Transport has now registered a commercial replacement over the same route numbered 15. It runs hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes.

Also from the same date most journeys on service 1 were diverted via The Stand, Marine Parade and Chatsworth Avenue- school time buses still follow the old route. Not previously reported was the ending of the late night buses introduced in July - presumably at the December change.

Minor changes were made to the 2 and 18, while the 3 was diverted on journeys back form Cleveleys Park via Cleveleys Avenue and West Drive rather than Cumberland Avenue and Rossall Road. On Sundays the 11 and 14 interwork during the day sharing nine buses.

Current fleet requirements are:

1 - 2 PVR usually SD in the week, DD weekends

2 - 1 bus daily with a 2nd at peak times. DD M-F, SD Sat, Midi Sundays

2C - 5 buses MS with a 6th at school times, 2 Sundays. DD MF, SD Sat, Midi Suns

3 - 6 buses MS, 5 shared with 4 on Sundays. Daytime usually Citaros, Eves/Suns Midis

4 - 5 buses (5 shared with 3 on Sundays). Midis.  On school days an extra bus works an 0804 Bispham to Mereside and a 1521 from the Saddle to Cleveleys.

5 - 5 buses (4 Sats, 3 Suns). DD M-S, SD Suns

6 - 5 buses (4 Sats, 4 Suns), mixed M-S, SD Suns. A sixth bus runs school times.

7 - 5 buses - DD M-S, SD Suns

9 - 4 buses MF with 2 extra at peaks, 4 Sats, 3 Suns. DD M-S SD Suns

11 - 6 buses MF, 5 Sats, 9 shared with 14 Suns. Usually DDs

12 - usually 1DD AM and 2 SD PM schooldays only

14 - 8 vehicles MF, 9 in the AM peak, 6 Sats and 9 shared with 11 on Sundays usually DD

15 - 1 bus Midi

17 - 5 MF, 3 Sat/Sun. Mixed M-F, SD weekends

18 - 2 Daily SD M-S, Midis Sun

74 - 4 MS, 2 Sundays Midis

75 - 4 MS, 2 Sundays Midis

With 2 buses for Myrescough College that means a total PVR of 79, of which 11 are peak only - often just one single or return trip. 104 buses are currently in the active fleet - 49 E400s, 26 long E200s, 22 short E200s and 7 Citaros.

In other fleet news:

  • 422/423 have recently lost their Platinum Jubilee adornments
  • Citaro 554 was converted to a driver trainer late last year and is now numbered 974
  • Sisters 550/1 have been sold, the former is under conversion as a exhibition bus, 551 is now with Lyles of Batley trading as Longstaffs as WIL3619 and can often be found on its 205 Dewsbury to Mirfield road

Recently construction work has commenced to ready the depot for electric buses with the work focused on the East Shed which will become the new maintenance shop. 115 buses are expected, which will provide 45% spare cover for the current service levels.

No orders have been publicised, though a further Wright Electroliner has visited the resort recently LY71GHZ which ran in London as a seed vehicle but is now back with Wrightbus. 

Transpora North West

Recent service changes include the end of the short lived 72 as noted above. The 24 was extended to Blackpool via the Hospital on 12th February with 1 bus per hour Fleetwood to Blackpool (3 buses Mon-Sat) and a 2nd working shorts Poulton-Cleveleys (4th bus Mon-Fri). 1 bus runs hourly Poulton to Cleveleys on Sundays.

The 22 resumed linking Tower with the Zoo from 7th April. It runs five days per week (not Mondays or Fridays). The 26 Beach Bus from Marton Mere restarted at the start of April.

Blackpool Survivors Update

Trident 304 (later trainer 974) was advertised for sale in Essex, part converted to a catering vehicle. 

342 has passed from Dews to Southern Coachlines. Powell's ceased trading last year, 294 has passed to Smiths, Marple. 

257 has passed from Archway to "the Baz Stop" a mobile diner based in Fleetwood.