Thursday 30 May 2019

BTS fleet update

The final new Enviro 200 has arrived with 564 completing the deliveries today. They are due in service on 23rd June with a launch event the following day.  The long buses are for the 6 cascading double deckers to ensure the 7 is to Palladium spec. The short examples seem likely to work the 18 and 19.

Some withdrawals have already taken place. DAFs 368, 369 and 370 were taken out of service today. The other DAFs (367/71/2), Trident 302 and Volvos 520-4 are also earmarked for withdrawal. 

Monday 27 May 2019

Summer Services

Blackpool Transport are starting their summer timetables on 23 June. 

The most surprising change is the extension of the 7 to Clifton Hospital! This presumably addresses feedback from the breaking of the link across St. Anne's in November. It does mean that with the 17 there are six buses per hour now from St. Anne's south. It may well have been more logical to reinstate the route to Lytham at the expense of the 17. The 7 turns via St Paul's Avenue, Promenade and King Edward Avenue.

The 2C diversion via Wyre Health Centre in Knott End is discontinued, but a Sunday daytime service to Knott End is started.

The 1 becomes every 20 minutes on Monday to Friday, 7 every 15 and 14 every ten minutes. Minor changes to the 6 and 11 are included, while the 18 is retimed. 

Saturday 11 May 2019

New ADL 200s

561, YX19OPA is the first of 11 new 43 seat Enviro 200s to arrive, it was first noted on Tuesday. Four shorter examples are also due. We understand numbers and registrations are:

  • 217 YX19OOU
  • 218 YX19OOV
  • 219 YX19OOW
  • 220 YX19OOY
  • 561 YX19OPA
  • 562 YX19OPB
  • 563 YX19OPC
  • 564 YX19OPD
  • 565 YX19OPE
  • 566 YX19OPF
  • 567 YX19OPG
  • 568 YX19OPH
  • 569 YX19OPJ
  • 570 YX19OPK
  • 571 YX19OPL
It is expected that these will mostly replace Volvos 520-533 and possibly some Trident or DAF DDs.

Recently withdrawn 301 left last Saturday heading to join 340 with One Agency Media as an advertising bus. 

A local MP has recently announced that Blackpool Transport will be extending service 2C to Knott End on a Sunday on an hourly basis from 23 June. The 1, 3, 6, 11, 14 and 18 are also changing on the same date. Some recent minor changes not previously picked up comprise:
  • 2C a duplicate journey Monday to Friday at 0725 Blackpool to Knott End, five minutes behind the 0720 trip on school days.
  • 3 during March a DD worked an extra trip c0750 Mereside to Blackpool and Fylde College - but this appears to have ceased again.