Sunday 27 October 2019

Winter Times and Diversions

Blackpool Transport times change for the winter on Sunday 3rd November. Most reflect last year's pattern, but there are a few frequency changes:
  • 1 - usual winter 1/2 hourly service
  • 2C - Sunday service reduced to every 90 minutes. This allows extra running time v the current hourly service.
  • 3 and 4 - minor time changes to 3 , both return to 20 minute Saturday service after illuminations period reductions
  • 7 reduced to every 20 minutes (as last winter, but still serves Clifton Hospital)
  • 9 Saturday service every 12 minutes rather than 15 mins
  • 11 Saturday service every 15 minutes rather than 20 mins last winter
  • 14 will continue to run every 10 mins Mon-Fri (v 12 mins last winter). Saturdays remains every 12 mins and Sundays every 20 (30 last year)
  • The 20 ends for the winter.
Not previously reported is the extension of some 2C journeys to Knott End on a Saturday evening. During August some pre-bookable trips ran as a trial before a conventional service started on 31 August. There is an extra trip at 2050 from Blackpool and two trips from Poulton at 2230 and 2330. From Knott End there are trips to Poulton at 2200 and 2300 before a final run through to Blackpool at midnight arriving at 0104! 

From Saturday 19th October, the 14 reverted to its normal route between Castle Gardens and Thornton following the completion of stage 1 of the Norcross roundabout works which saw the 14 run via Poulton. The shuttle bus which ran every 15 minutes from Castle Gardens via Arundel Drive and Fleetwood Road had been diverted to do a double run to the Plant Place Garden Centre just before Norcross from mid September. Alternate buses served the Garden Centre with the others following the original route.

From 2000 on Sunday 20th phase 2 started, closing the northbound exit from the roundabout. The 14 now runs via Amounderness Way and Victoria Road between Norcross and Thornton Four Lane Ends. Catch 22 bus service 24 is similarly diverted with a BTS free shuttle running from 4 Lane Ends to serve Beehwood Drive every 15 minutes.

Also from Friday 18th buses returned to Corporation Street following re-modelling of the bus stops. The 9 and 14 now terminate on Corporation Street again, while the 18 and 19 move from Abingdon Street. The 6 will now stop on Corporation Street northbound and are joined by the 5 and 7 to allow works on Clifton Street. The 14, 18 and 19 stop outside the Town Hall, the others use stops south of West Street, the 7, 5, 9 and 6 North to South.

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Blackpool Transport order more Enviros

At today's Coach and Bus Show Blackpool Transport confirmed and order for 15 more Enviro 200s and 4 more 400s taking its fleet to 107 from the manufacturer. 59 are Double Deck E400s, 26 long and 22 short E200s.