Wednesday 26 June 2019

New BTS Buses

Brand new 571 on display at St John's Square (Mike Wilson)
Blackpool Transport launched its 15 new buses on Monday 24th June, with new long Enviro 200 571, Short 217 and one of the most recent double deckers, 450, on display in St John's Square. The first of the new buses entered service the day before 563 and 569 were noted on the 17, 562, 568 and 571 were on the 6. 218 to 220 were first noticed on Monday all on the 3 and 4. 561, 562, 566 and 568 were noted on the 7 on Monday with 564, 565, 567 and 570 on the 6. The intention is for all 7 workings on the 6 and 4 on the 7 to use the new long Enviros.

The 15 new buses have replaced 12 buses directly (13 if 301 is counted too) with DAFs 367 and 372 and Volvos 520-4 withdrawn after use on 22nd June. This follows 368-370 withdrawn on 30 May, 371 on 13 June. Trident 302 is also due for withdrawal, but appears to still be in use.

Short 217 on display at St John's Square (Mike Wilson)

New Enviro 219 at Tesco on the 3 and 4 (Mike Wilson)

Penultimate day for 520 on the 7 on Friday (Mike Wilson) 
565 on the 6 at Corporation Street (Mike Wilson)

Citaro 555 put in an appearance on the 6 on Monday (Mike Wilson)

The new buses feature a special Blackpool scene at the back of the bus (Mike Wilson)

Interior features include a phone holder and both wired and wireless charging

Back of the buses (Mike Wilson)

Cutting the ribbon (Mike Wilson)