Wednesday 17 April 2019

April News

Blackpool Transport is expected to start delivery of new Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s soon and it seems to be 12 full length and 3 short examples. 

Withdrawn Solos 240, 241, 244-6 left today to join sisters 242, 247 and 248 with CT4N Nottingham. Trident 301 was withdrawn on 12th April and is believed to be joining former 340 as a static promotional bus. Trident 329 has received an updated advert for Heart FM.

Seasonal service 20 has resumed from 6th April running weekends and school holidays until November.

Catch 22 has resumed Beach Bus 26 daily from 16 March. Double deckers seem the usual allocation with Y401NHK common.

Former Fylde Atlantean 67, latterly Blackpool 467 and new as GMPTE 7673 (ONF673R) has left its home of 19 years, Pilot Boat in Anglesey having passed to a preservationist for spares. Following removal of its engine it is shortly to be dismantled.