Saturday 18 May 2013

Summer Holiday

The early hours of Monday morning saw a disastrous fire at the depot of Western Greyhound in Summercourt near Newquay destroying around 37 buses - around one third of its fleet. A number of operators have provided buses to help Western Greyhound maintain its fleet, with several travelling over 300 miles including buses from Norfolk Green and Blackpool Transport. Solos 240, 241 and 247 headed South on Thursday to take up service for the time being. The visiting buses are intended to be used on routes 591/2 (Newquay to Truro). 

Facebook Pic of 240 and 247

Saturday 4 May 2013

News Round Up

Repaints have continued with Trident 316 now back in service in fleet livery. Solo 245 - the last Metro line liveried Solo is under paint and Excel 218 has been treated. Further to last month's update it transpires this is indeed 218's second repaint. It was the only one of 210-218 not to receive a repaint when refurbished, it merely had a heavy clean! 

Solos 280 and 281 have been reinstated and the latter returned to use on 3 May, while 280 is currently in the paint shop prior to the installation of the engine from sister 275 which is expected to be the first Blackpool Solo to be scrapped.

The 30th Manx Double Decker has now arrived as 372 - on 24 April. This is believed to be the final one - imports starting back in July 2011 with IOM Trident 53 which became Blackpool 343. Blackpool has received IOM Tridents 48-53 and 71-75 plus DAFs 54-57 76-79, 81 and 89-98. Sister DAF 80 left IOM with 55 but it is not yet clear if this will join the Blackpool feet.

Open Toppers 818, 857/8 and 873 are not expected to see use this year with the City Sightseeing tour not advertised on the BTS website.
Manx DAF Status

NoRegIOM NoIOM RegChassis NoBody NoArrivedService
355 L100BTS95FMN622J0092663830917/7/125/9/12
356L200BTS 93FMN621J 0092613830427/7/125/9/12
357L300BTS 94FMN620J0092643830727/7/125/9/12
358L400BTS 96FMN623J0092623830530/7/126/9/12
359L500BTS 98FMN836J0092653830831/7/124/10/12
360L600BTS 89FMN299J0092593830230/7/123/10/12