Coastliner Buses Fleet

Coastliner Buses Fleet List April 2021 

NoRegChassisBodyLiveryOriginal Owner

YJ61JHEOptare VersaOptareTeal/White Route 24Airport Parking 10/11

YJ61JHHOptare VersaOptareBlue and GreenAirport Parking 10/11

YJ10MGUOptare VersaOptareTealAirport Parking 6/10

YJ10EYZOptare VersaOptareWhite, fleet frontHelms, Eastham 5/10
*SP09DROMANADLStagecoachStagecoach 6/09

LK57AXRADL E400ADLBlue and greenMetroline 10/07

LK57AXYADL E400ADLBlue and greenMetroline 10/07
*PN04DLVOptare SoloOptare    Blue and greenStagecoach 5/04
*PX54EPFOptare SoloOptareBlue and greenStagecoach 11/04

CE02UUPDennis Dart Plaxton Blue and GreenCardiff 4/02

CE02UUYDennis Dart Plaxton Blue and GreenCardiff 4/02
*CE02UUZDennis Dart Plaxton CardiffCardiff 4/02

KP04GZM Dennis Dart Plaxton Blue and GreenStagecoach 6/04
*KP04GZR Dennis Dart Plaxton Blue and GreenStagecoach 6/04

GX54DWO Dennis Dart Plaxton Hounds HillStagecoach 10/04

GX54DWP Dennis Dart Plaxton Blue and GreenStagecoach 10/04
*SN55HSZ Dennis Dart Plaxton Manchester Airport parkingManchester Airport 12/05 

E20BTSDennis TridentEast LancsBlue and GreenIsle of Man
145V145MEVDennis TridentPlaxtonMarton Mere advertStagecoach London 11/99
401*Y401NHKDennis TridentAlexanderBlue and GreenStagecoach London 7/01
RM1583 583CLTAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalRed and WhiteLondon Transport
RML887202UXJAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalRedLondon Transport
RML2290CUV290CAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalRedLondon Transport
RML2681*SMK681FAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalRedLondon Transport

* believed currently stored, withdrawn or under prep