Sunday 16 September 2018

Catch 22 Fleet Update

YJ10EYZ newly delivered to the Catch 22 depot in Marton (Philip Higgs)
Catch 22 has added a fourth Optare Versa to its fleet. YJ10EYZ has been purchased from Llew Jones of Llanwrst - though is wasn't used there. It was used previously by Helms of Eastham. Four Dennis Darts are also due shortly from Stagecoach Midlands as KP04GZM, KP04GZR, GX54DWO and GX54DWP. These are expected to replace ex Cardiff Darts.

Ex Cardiff Dart W369VHB has left the fleet, while newer Y378/82/8GAX are withdrawn awaiting disposal along with the last Volvo B6 W812PFB and Dennis Trident S833BWC.