Monday 15 April 2013

Resort Hopping

Report Hopper Solo 294 displays the logo map for the attractions that participate in the Resort Pass. It lays over at the Pleasure Beach (Burlington Road) terminus stop

Sister 258 leaves Blackpool Zoo for Pleasure Beach - a scene that for  most of the last 40 years would have been dominated by Double Deckers

294 again, at Stanley Park Gates stop prior to tuning round Barlow Crescent and heading to the Zoo and Marton Mere
295 turns off Barlow Crescent at Stanley Park

294 leaves Blackpool Zoo heading down Woodside Drive, which is at least colour coded with the bus

295 at Clifton Arms having started its near hour long journey from Marton Mere to Pleasure Beach

295 shows the asymmetrical doors of the later Solos at Stanley Park

294 passes the Cricket Club 

More Repaints

Trident 318 is one of eight buses still carrying the former pool livery. It carries this rear end advert for a local health initiative.

Trident 311 has returned to use in fleet livery - this being the last bus painted into Metro livery back in 2010. Sister 316 is now under treatment - its first ever repaint. Excel 218 has been outshopped having carried Metro pool livery since 2004. It was previously reported that this was its second repaint but it is now believed it received a second repaint in 2009 (as seen here - thanks to Shaun for the correction.

This leaves 245, 303, 304, 305 and 306 in former Line liveries with 219, 220, 279, 282, 283, 317-319 in Metro pool livery.

Sunday 7 April 2013

Solos start Hopping

Friday 5 April saw the official launch of route 20 as the "Blackpool Resort Pass Hopper Bus" as it serves the 9 attractions which feature on the pass. It is now possible to buy Blackpool Transport tickets as add-ons. Solos 258/9, 294-6 are all now branded for the service. Coincidentally all were new for Line 3 though 294 most recently carried Line 2 livery. As a result Line 3 blue has now been eradicated from the fleet.

The side and rear branding is vinyl  with two contravision windows on each side. The front end (and rear bumper) are painted  - drawing attention to the slightly different shades of yellow! Route 20 has been double deck operated since its inception so it is surprising that Solos have been chosen. Olympian 374 has been noted duplicating a Solo on a particular busy journey! (Both photos c James Millington)

Friday 5 April 2013

More at Peel Park

316 departs the new Peel Park terminus

At Tesco 303 shows the new "Mereside & Peel Park" display while 317 awaits departure to Fleetwood. Peel Park is served Monday to Friday only every 10 minutes during the peak hours and every 20 minutes off peak.

327 heads down Jenny Lane from Peel Park taken from an inbound 303

Belt up on the 20

This week has seen several appearances by the six Volvo Olympians on service 20. While 374 is no stranger to local service work, the seat belt fitted 375-9 are generally restricted to schools. 376-378 saw use on Tuesday, while 375-378 provided the Wednesday's four bus workings on service 20, with 374/9 later taking over from two of them. 377 also appeared on Thursday as seen in this series of shots. Following a launch on the Comedy Carpets - the newly branded Optare Solos began operating route 20 today

Wednesday 3 April 2013

First Day at Peel Park

Today was the first day of the 14 extension from Tesco to Peel Park via Clifton Drive, Ashworth Road, Progress Way, Jenny Lane to Brunel Way at Peel Park Government Offices. One of the remaining Line 14 liveried Tridents, 306, departs Peel Park for Fleetwood

Sister 330 approaches Progress Way on Jenny Lane

330 on Jenny Lane between Peel Park and Progress Way

330 turns left from Progress Way into Jenny Lane. A sister vehicle with roller blind was noted displaying "Mereside and Peel Park" earlier in the day

Ex Isle of Man Trident 346 awaits time at Peel Park terminus