Thursday 25 October 2012

More DAFs, More Disposals

367 has become the fourth of the second batch of DAFs to arrive (on 23 October). 365 has received the registration from Olympian 365 (UWW5X).

The aforementioned Olympian departed for scrap on Friday 19th, followed by 402 on Moday 22nd. Both went to Partons and Sons of Carlton who have also acquired 403, 410, 413, 416 and 417. These have moved to Jackson's Coaches pending collection.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Classic Bus Update

"Catch 22" - a commercial half hourly service from Cleveleys to Mereside commenced in September, mainly worked by four Dennis Darts purchased from dealers but new to London operators. Olympians, Metrorider 502, an ex Stagecoach Volvo B10M and the odd Metrorider have appeared. Olympian 325 has returned to use following the regaining of the contract for Blackpool and Fylde College routes 72 and 73. It has received fleet livery red front awaiting an all-over advert to cover the former Southdown style green and cream livery. Other advert buses comprise 269 (Pleasure Beach), 324 (Blackpool & Fylde College) and 163 (Bispham High School).

Route and timetable details are here:
Fleet photos are and on Alan Robson's blog:

Classic Bus North West Fleet
162V162MAXDennis DartPlaxtonStagecoach East London 12/99
163 V163MAXDennis DartPlaxton Stagecoach East London 12/99 
269P269PSXVolvo OlympianAlexanderLothian Buses 269
324N324NHGVolvo Olympian Alexander Dublin Bus RA264
325N325NHGVolvo Olympian Alexander Dublin Bus RA272
502P502UFROptare MetroriderOptareBlackpool 502
512X512UATDennis Dart PlaxtonLondon United DP512 11/2000
528DCA528XBristol VRECWCrosville 528
533X533UATDennis Dart Plaxton London United DP513 11/2000
899R899XVMVolvo B10MAlexanderStagecoach Manchester
RML887202UXJAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine)
RM1568BNK324AAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine) 
RML2290CUV290CAEC Routemaster Park RoyalLondon Transport (Iveco Engine) 
RCL2243CUV243CAEC Routemaster Park RoyalLondon Transport (AEC Engine)
RML2391JJD391DAEC Routemaster Park RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine) 
RML2734SMK734FAEC Routemaster Park RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine) 
RML2391 and RCL2243 on loan for summer season

Solos Retired and Olympians doomed

It seems that plans for the Golf advertising Olympians to be used as static hoardings around the country has fallen through as 405 departed for scrap today, with 415 booked to leave tomorrow (17th) and 365 due to meet its maker on Friday. Despite various expressions of interest in preserving one of the ex WY Olympians, 365 seems to be destined to join the other two as scrapped.

Solos 267-272 were withdrawn on Monday eradicating Line 4 livery from the active fleet. Bus repaints have resumed with Olympian 374 back in use in the standard fleet livery - the first full fleet livery repaint since April - the paintshop focusing on advert Tridents, Golf Olympians and trams since then. Solos 242, 278 and Trident 302 are now in the paint shop. 242 is the first of the final batch of Solos to be treated while 278 the oldest Solo (one of the 2002 Lifestyle Line buses).

DAF 361 entered service on Friday 12th October, sister 366 arrived on 9th.

Liveries (excluding stored buses):
Standard fleet: 210/1, 214, 221-4/6; 242, 250-7, 284-93, 301, 310, 322-363, 374-9, 520-533 (93 - 65%)
Line 2: 240/1, 243-7/9, 294 (9 - 6%)
Line 3: 258-60, 295-7 (6 -4%)
Line 5: 248 (1 - 1%)
Line 7: 212/3, 215-7, 225 (6 -4%)
Line 14: 303-309, 311, 316 (9 -6%
Metro Pool: 218-220, 273-7, 279-283 (16 -11%)
Advert: 312-5 (4 - 3%)

Saturday 6 October 2012

Last local Leylands

373, two hours into its last service duty on Bispham Road working the 1100 Cleveleys to Blackpool route 9.
Today has seen the withdrawal of the last Leyland Olympian, other than City Sightseeing open toppers. The week started with four of the six 1989 East Lancs bodied Olympians in use but only 373 lasted the week as the others suffered faults which were not worth repairing. 373 worked route 9 starting at 0930 from Cleveleys and then at 1100, 1230, 1400, 1530 and 1700 returning from Blackpool at 1018, 1148, 1318, 1448, 1618 and its final 1748 Blackpool to Cleveleys from where it ran empty to depot.

December 1991 and 368 in original livery is working a tram replacement service connecting with similarly bodied tram 646. 368-371 arrived in March 1989 and entered service usually on the 11C on 1 April. 372/3 followed in early May. 

First repaints retained the original livery but with black window surrounds applied between September 1992 and September 1993. Between November 1995 and February 1996 368/9, 371/3 received this revised livery, while 372 gained an all-over advert for Travelwise. 370 soldiered on in the old style until it too was repainted in June 1997. Further repaints in this livery followed during 1998/9 including 372 which lost its advert in May 1999

A mid life repaint was piloted on 368 in summer 2002 and it was outshopped in Line 11 colours in September  and returned to use in November. The others followed with 370-3 treated over the winter and 369 completing the batch in August 2003

As new Dennis Tridents arrived, 368-373 had their turquoise areas over painted black in May/June 2004. 369 shows the original application, soon red relief areas were applied to the front to offset the large black areas.

368 and 369 were treated to full repaints into Line 1 colours in September and November 2006 respectively.

Both were surprising repaints into the new livery in May/June 2011

A distinctive end for 370 - outshopped in this golf advert for its last week of service in July
A further final look at 373

Friday 5 October 2012

And then there was one

372 was taken out of service this morning after a school duty leaving 373 as the sole operational Leyland Olympian. It is expected to operate on route 9 on Saturday as a farewell. Ex Trent 408 has departed for scrap today following 407 yesterday. The third of the second batch of DAFs - 366 - has been observed repainted into Blackpool livery at Bus and Coach World, Blackburn.

Thursday 4 October 2012

DAFs in, Olympians out

DAFs 360/2 entered service yesterday (Wednesday 3rd October) followed by 359 and 363 today. Olympians 369/371 have been withdrawn this morning while 407 is leaving for scrap today with 408 to follow. 372/3 are likely to be withdrawn at the end of this week and may have a final service day on Saturday.

Volvo Olympian 374 is currently being repainted into the new fleet livery for school duties. This, and 375-9, will be the only step entrance buses in the year round fleet - the City Sightseeing Olympians slightly swelling the total in the summer.

Manx DAF Status
NoRegIOM NoIOM RegChassis NoBody NoArrivedService
355 L100BTS95FMN622J0092663830917/7/125/9/12
356L200BTS 93FMN621J 0092613830427/7/125/9/12
357L300BTS 94FMN620J0092643830727/7/125/9/12
358L400BTS 96FMN623J0092623830530/7/126/9/12
359L500BTS 98FMN836J0092653830831/7/124/10/12
360L600BTS 89FMN299J0092593830230/7/123/10/12
363L900BTS91FMN618J0092583830130/8/12 4/10/12
364tbc54FMN181P0094314110125/9/12 Awaited
365tbc81FMN804T0098304110925/9/12 Awaited
tbctbc56FMN498T00961741103awaited Awaited