Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Classic Bus Update

"Catch 22" - a commercial half hourly service from Cleveleys to Mereside commenced in September, mainly worked by four Dennis Darts purchased from dealers but new to London operators. Olympians, Metrorider 502, an ex Stagecoach Volvo B10M and the odd Metrorider have appeared. Olympian 325 has returned to use following the regaining of the contract for Blackpool and Fylde College routes 72 and 73. It has received fleet livery red front awaiting an all-over advert to cover the former Southdown style green and cream livery. Other advert buses comprise 269 (Pleasure Beach), 324 (Blackpool & Fylde College) and 163 (Bispham High School).

Route and timetable details are here: http://www.catch22bus.co.uk/
Fleet photos are http://cbnw.blogspot.co.uk/ and on Alan Robson's blog: http://blackpooltram.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/catch-22-fleet-update.html

Classic Bus North West Fleet
162V162MAXDennis DartPlaxtonStagecoach East London 12/99
163 V163MAXDennis DartPlaxton Stagecoach East London 12/99 
269P269PSXVolvo OlympianAlexanderLothian Buses 269
324N324NHGVolvo Olympian Alexander Dublin Bus RA264
325N325NHGVolvo Olympian Alexander Dublin Bus RA272
502P502UFROptare MetroriderOptareBlackpool 502
512X512UATDennis Dart PlaxtonLondon United DP512 11/2000
528DCA528XBristol VRECWCrosville 528
533X533UATDennis Dart Plaxton London United DP513 11/2000
899R899XVMVolvo B10MAlexanderStagecoach Manchester
RML887202UXJAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine)
RM1568BNK324AAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine) 
RML2290CUV290CAEC Routemaster Park RoyalLondon Transport (Iveco Engine) 
RCL2243CUV243CAEC Routemaster Park RoyalLondon Transport (AEC Engine)
RML2391JJD391DAEC Routemaster Park RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine) 
RML2734SMK734FAEC Routemaster Park RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine) 
RML2391 and RCL2243 on loan for summer season