Blackpool Survivors

This is a list of known survivors of Blackpool Transport buses, showing their last known owner, status and sighting or report. 

Leyland Tiger (1)

NoRegTypeOwnerStatusLast Sighting 
7FV9044  Leyland Tiger / Burlingham
tow wagon conversion 
Private Preserved   Restored      tbc

Leyland Titan PD2s/PD3s (19 - of which four not reported recently)

246DFV146 PD2 / BurlinghamFTT Preservedunrestored 2024
300EFV300 PD2 / BurlinghamPrivate Preserved restoration 2024
346PFR346 PD2 / Met CamFTT Preservedrestoration 2024
351YFR351 PD3 / Met CamPrivate Preservedunrestored 2024
386CFR586C PD3 / Met CamNon PSV, St Didier Francestatic derelict 2007
387CFR587C PD3 / Met CamItaly (ID unconfirmed)static derelict 2011
390CFR590C PD3 / Met CamPrivate Preservedrestored 2022
398CFR598C PD3 / Met CamPrivate, Wetteren Belgiumnon psv 2019
501HFR501E PD3 / Met CamPrivate Preservedrestored 2024
503HFR503E PD3 / Metro CammellStatic, Hollandstatic home 2017
511HFR511E PD3 / Metro CammellUsed Bus Sales, Warrington unrestored 2023
512HFR512E PD3 / Metro CammellPrivate Preservedrestored 2024
513HFR513E PD3 / Metro Cammell Cafe, Swedenstatic2018
516HFR516E PD3 / Metro CammellFTT Preservedrestored 2024
518HFR518E PD3 / Metro CammellChepstow Classic Busactive PSV2023
529LFR529F PD3 / Metro CammellFTT Preservedrestored 2024
532LFR532F PD3 / Metro CammellLittle London Kitchen,
Birmingham, Alabama
cafe for sale2023
540 LFR540G PD3 / Metro Cammell Used Bus Sales Warringtonunrestored 2022
532DHC784E PD2 / East Lancsin New Jersey USA 4/23exported2023

AEC Swift (2)

554 PFR554H Swift/Marshall    FTT Preserved     restored                     2024
570OFR970M Swift/MarshallFTT Preservedrestored 2024

Leyland Atlantean (19 of which 1 not reported recently)

330URN330V Atlantean/East LancsLiddell Cumnock seat store 2021
334AHG334V Atlantean/East LancsFTT Preserved restored2024
350GHG350W Atlantean/East LancsCafe, Japanstatic2022
353UHG353Y Atlantean/East LancsPrivate Preservedrestored2024
356A356HHGAtlantean/East LancsGaggle of Geese
Buckland Newton
playbus static2022
362A362HHGAtlantean/East LancsPrivate Preservedrestored2024
364B364UBVAtlantean/East LancsBlackpool Transport 
137TKU469K Atlantean / NCMEFTT Preserved restored 2024
444NJI5504 Atlantean / NCMEPrivate Preserved restoration2024
445B75URNAtlantean / NCMEPrivate Preserved restored 2024
453WRH294JAtlantean / RoeSpark Social, San Franstatic2024
458ATD281J Atlantean / NCMEFTT Preserved restored2024
467ONF673RAtlantean / NCME Scrapped May 2019scrapped2019
468SRJ756RAtlantean / NCMEJersey showgroundScrapped by 20232021
471OJI4371 Atlantean / NCMEPrivate Preservedrestored2024
474OJI4374 Atlantean / NCMEunknownsnack bar 2012
478HRN98NAtlantean / NCMEAdventure Bus, Dorset Playbus
(Since scrapped?)
479 HRN99NAtlantean / NCME Private Preservedunrestored/donor 2022
496XHG96V Atlantean / NCMEPrivate Preservedrestoration2024

Leyland Nationals (2)

543A543PCW National 2Kells Museum Ireland                  probably scrapped  2015
546CFM347SNationalprivate owner, Lowestoft stored 2017

Minibuses (6 of which 1 not reported recently)

560D560YCWCity Pacer    Private Readingspares donor 2017
562D562YCWCity Pacerprivate owner, Blythe Static caravan (Google maps
photo Nov 2020)
550E550GFR City Pacerprivate ownermobile caravan (last taxed 
May 2018
574F574RCWCity Pacerprivate ownerunknown (SORN current,
V5 2016 last MOT 2011)
575F575RCWCity PacerFTT preservedrestored            2024
589N589GRN MetroriderPrivate preservedrestored  2024

Routemasters (13 of which 1 not reported since 1999)

521583CLT RoutemasterLondoner Busesactive PSV 2024
522WLT848Routemaster Private preserved (London guise)restored2024
523627DYERoutemaster Dualway Ireland ZV11627active PSV 2023
524640DYERoutemaster Cooper, Cramlingtonactive PSV2022
525650DYERoutemaster Londoner Busesactive PSV2024
526735DYERoutemaster B Bakery London 
Afternoon Tea Tour Bus
active PSV2023
527WLT879Routemaster exported to Polandunknown1999
528357CLTRoutemaster London Bus Hire South Wales     active PSV2024
529ALD966B Routemaster London Bus CompanySORN       2022
530ALD989BRoutemaster Dublin Cityscape Tour (tbc)untaxed2017
531ALM71BRoutemaster Stagecoach LondonSORN2019
533ALM89BRoutemaster Stagecoach LondonSORN2019
534123CLTRoutemaster Autocars Five Oak Greenstored SORN2021

Optare Delta (1)

133H3FBTOptare Delta        Private Preserved restored2024

Olympians (7)

374M374SCK Volvo Olympian/NCME Private Preservedoperational 2021
375M375SCKVolvo Olympian/NCME Delves Infant and Nursery
School, Walsall
conversion to
static library
377 M377SCKVolvo Olympian/NCME NEET, Sunderland preservedoperational2023
401XAU701YLeyland Olympian/ECW Private Preservedrestoration2021
411D367JJDLeyland Olympian/ECWEast Anglia Transport 
restored as 
London L263

Optare Excel (2)

225T935EANExcel ex Reading Fylde Transport Trust Preserved /active
226T936EANExcel ex Readingpreserved ReadingPreserved2021

Metrobuses (2)

864A964SYFMetrobusDouro Acima Transportes, Porto operational tbc
850EWF450VMetrobusGreysand Shipping Ltd, Cyprusoperational2016

Optare Solo (37)

272V272HECSoloTBC MOT tested 3/5/2019Taxed 5/19 SORN 20202019
273V273HECSolo Wilson, Greenock as LIG1676Untaxed 12/232023
274V274HECSolounknown owner (film prop)Film Prop for sale 20212021
276V276HECSoloPrivate PreservedSORN2024
277PL03BPZSoloThe Eden, Bishop AucklandSpares donor 20202020
281YG02FVTSoloScarlet Band, Spares donorStored SORN2018
282YG02FVUSoloHuw's Coaches, CaernarfonUntaxed 2/202020
285YN04XYZSolounknown was (BW53BUS)Active PSV2021
249YN53ZWKSoloSmith, MarpleActive PSV2023
250YN53ZWLSoloHenshaw, Moreton in Marsh untaxed2022
251YN53ZWMSolonew keeper 2022Active PSV (SORN)2022
252YN53ZWPSoloHulley's of Baslow 4/21SORN2021
253YN53ZWRSoloSwanbrook, CheltenhamActive PSV2024
254YN53ZWTSoloChartwell Sales 4/21SORN2021
256YN53ZWVSoloHulleys of Baslowburnt out May 20212021
257YN53ZWWSolothe Baz Stop Fleetwoodfood bus2023
258YN53ZWXSoloChartwell Sales 4/21SORN2021
260YN53ZWZSoloHunt, Alford (DSZ5901) gone by 2024Active PSV2022
286YJ07EJASoloGo Southern CoachActive PSV2023
287YJ07EJCSoloHulleys of Baslow (poss sold)SORN2021
288YJ07EJDSoloPrivate preservedrestored2022
289YJ07EJESoloCresta, Four Marks DSZ4862Active PSV2022
290YJ07EJGSoloArchway, FleetwoodSpares2019
291YJ07EJKSoloCresta, Four Marks DSZ4860Active PSV2022
294YJ08PFDSoloSmiths MarpleActive PSV2024
295YJ08PFESolounknownuntaxed 20232022
296YJ08PFFSolounknown    untaxed 20232022
240YJ09OTESoloCTN Nottingham K10CTNActive PSV2024
241YJ09OTFSoloCTN Nottingham K11CTNActive PSV2024
242YJ09OTGSoloCTN Nottingham K66CTNActive PSV2024
243YJ09OTHSoloHulleys of BaslowActive PSV2024
244YJ09OTKSoloCTN Nottingham K12CTNActive PSV2024
245YJ09OTLSoloCTN Nottingham K13CTNActive PSV2024
246YJ09OTMSoloCTN Nottingham K14CTNActive PSV2024
247YJ08PFKSoloCTN Nottingham K44CTNActive PSV2024
248YJ08PFASoloCTN Nottingham K33CTNActive PSV2024

Dennis Trident (46)

301PJ02PYD Trident/East LancsOne Agency Medianon PSV2024
304PJ02PYH Trident/East Lancsunknown (for sale 2023)for cafe2023
305PJ02PYL Trident/East LancsCoach Travel SolutionsSORN2021
306PJ02PYO Trident/East LancsWalters, Forest Hill, Oxfordactive PSV2022
307PJ02PYP Trident/East LancsDavies, Ruthin (dlr) SORN2022
308PJ02PYS Trident/East LancsDavies, Ruthin (dlr) SORN2022
309PJ02PYT Trident/East LancsDavies, Ruthin (dlr) SORN2022
310PJ03TFFTrident/East LancsAndrews, Tideswell as TIW2654Active PSV2022
311PJ03TFKTrident/East LancsGrindles, Cinderfordactive PSV2022
312PJ03TFNTrident/East LancsAndrews, Tideswell as PAZ3878Active PSV2022
313PJ03TFUTrident/East LancsGrindles, Cinderfordactive PSV2024
314PJ03TFVTrident/East LancsLodge High EasterActive PSV2022
315PJ03TFXTrident/East LancsLodge High EasterActive PSV2022
316PJ03TFYTrident/East LancsBlack Cat, Lincoln as S666BCTactive PSV2022
317PJ03TFZTrident/East LancsAndrews, Tideswell T4FEGactive PSV2023
319PN04XDETrident/East LancsAndews, Tideswell C5CECactive PSV2023
322PN04XDFTrident/East LancsShoreline suncruiser Scarboroughactive PSV2024
323PN04XDGTrident/East LancsBlack Cat Lincoln as T666BCTactive PSV2022
324PN04XDHTrident/East LancsBlack Cat Lincoln as Y666BCTactive PSV2022
325PN04XDJTrident/East LancsSweynes, Gooleactive PSV2022
326PN04XDKTrident/East LancsPanther ParkestonSORN2021
327PN04XDLTrident/East LancsR&J Smeeth KentActive PSV2024
328PF06EZLTrident/East LancsAvon and Somerset policenon PSV2024
329PF06EZMTrident/East LancsLodge High EasterActive PSV2023
330PF06EZNTrident/East LancsLodge High EasterActive PSV2023
331PF06EZO Trident/East LancsLodge High Easteractive PSV2023
332PF06EZPTrident/East LancsLodge High Easteractive PSV2023
333PN52XKF Trident/East LancsMortons, Basingstoke F13BUSactive PSV2023
334PN52XKGTrident/East Lancs  Sweynes, Goole  active PSV       2022
335 PN52XKHTrident/East LancsWeardale, Frosterley E13BUSactive PSV2023
336PN52XKJTrident/East LancsFreeway, Pinkton K19TSCactive PSV2023
337PN52XKKTrident/East LancsSweynes, Gooleactive PSV2022
339PO51UMJ Trident/East Lancsarchway  as TA51COSSORN2021
340PO51UMT Trident/East LancsScrap yard Irlamnon PSV2021
342PL52XADTrident/East LancsSouthern Coachlinesactive PSV2023
343H1FBTTrident/East LancsFreeway, Pinton as YIL2805active PSV2021
344E11BTSTrident/East LancsBritish Ironworks Oswestry    active PSV2021
345E12BTSTrident/East LancsAbbey Coachways, Gooleactive PSV2021
346E13BTSTrident/East LancsBritish Ironworks Oswestry   active PSV2021
347E14BTSTrident/East LancsLinburg, Darnallactive PSV2022
348E15BTSTrident/East LancsLinburg, Darnallactive PSV2023
349E16BTSTrident/East LancsVale, Aylesbury as X399KBVactive PSV2020
350E17BTSTrident/East LancsAldermaston Coachlines as X393KBV stored2020
351E18BTSTrident/East LancsVale, Aylesbury as X401KBVactive PSV2022
352E19BTSTrident/East LancsGuru Travel Birmingham as X398KBVactive PSV2023
353E20BTSTrident/East LancsCoastliner Busesactive PSV2023

DAF DB250 (18)

354L50BTS DAF/East Lancs        Forest Bucknell M16FCL)Active PSV           2024
355L100BTS DAF/East Lancs        B&J Barnoldswick     Active PSV           2022
358L400BTS DAF/East Lancs        Dekkabus, Poole F5HORspares        2021
359L500BTS DAF/East Lancs        Dekkabus, Poole F5HDNSORN        2022
360L600BTS DAF/East Lancs        Ashcroft, RuncornSORN 2020 sold?2020
361L700BTS DAF/East Lancs        Ashcroft, RuncornActive PSV2023
363L900BTS DAF/East Lancs        Ashcroft, RuncornActive PSV           2024
364J70BTS DAF/East Lancs        Cumbria Classic Coaches Active PSV           2022
365J90BTS DAF/East Lancs        Aldermaston CoachlinesActive PSV           2022
367 J300BTS DAF/East Lancs        Aldermaston CoachlinesActive PSV           2022
368 J400BTS DAF/East Lancs        Coach Travel SolutionsSORN2021
369 J600BTS DAF/East Lancs        Coach Travel SolutionsSORN2021
370 J700BTS DAF/East Lancs        unknown owner Riscauntaxed2022
371 J800BTS DAF/East Lancs        Cotswold Green as PE02GYZActive PSV           2023
372 J900BTS DAF/East Lancs        Cotswold GreenActive PSV           2022

Leyland Leopard (1)
32PJI5632Leopard/Duple        Bell, Ashton      unknown, possibly static.
Is on SORN           

Leyland Tiger(1)

23F703ENE Tiger/Plaxton        Wealden, Kent      Long term store since 2001  2021

Dennis Javelin (1)

27R927TFRJavelin/Marco Polo Kearney, Cork 98TS3522       operational 2013

Volvo B7RLE (5)
520 AU06BOVB7RLE/Wrightbus South Lakes, Barrow Active PSV2023
521 AU06BPEB7RLE/Wrightbus AC Travel, Hampshire Y27ACTSORN2022
522 AU06BPFB7RLE/Wrightbus F Hunt, Alford DSZ7401 Active PSV2024
523 AU06BPKB7RLE/Wrightbus Greaves Nottingham Active PSV2022
524 AU06BPOB7RLE/Wrightbus Redline Penwortham YIL6984Active PSV2022
525 BF60UVJB7RLE/PlaxtonRossoActive PSV2023
526 BF60UVKB7RLE/PlaxtonRossoActive PSV2023
529 BF60UVNB7RLE/PlaxtonRossoActive PSV2023
530BF60UVOB7RLE/PlaxtonRossoActive PSV2023
531 BF60UVPB7RLE/PlaxtonRossoActive PSV2023
533 BF60UVSB7RLE/PlaxtonRossoActive PSV2023

Mercedes Citaro
550 BJ15BEYMercedes Citaro NON PSV registered    Non PSV2023
551 BJ15GOKMercedes Citaro Longstaff, Batley, WIL3619Active PSV2023
552 BJ15GOPMercedes CitaroHowards, Warrington GO52HUTActive PSV2023
553 BJ15GOUMercedes CitaroBailey's SouthseaActive PSV2023
524 AU06BPOMercedes CitaroRedline Penwortham YIL6984Active PSV2022

Enviro 400 (2)

401 SN16OVA ADL Enviro 400 Warrington's Own Buses Active PSV 2023
402SN16OVB ADL Enviro 400 Warrington's Own Buses Active PSV 2023
403 SN16OVC ADL Enviro 400 Vision Bus, BoltonActive PSV 2023
404 SN16OVD ADL Enviro 400 Vision Bus, BoltonActive PSV 2023
405 SN16OVF ADL Enviro 400 Vision Bus, BoltonActive PSV 2023
406 SN16OVG ADL Enviro 400 Vision Bus, Bolton Active PSV 2023
407 SN16OVH ADL Enviro 400 Vision Bus, BoltonActive PSV 2023
408 SN16OVJ ADL Enviro 400 Vision Bus, BoltonActive PSV 2023
409 SN16OVK ADL Enviro 400 Vision Bus, BoltonActive PSV 2023
410 SN16OVLADL Enviro 400 Vision Bus, Bolton Active PSV 2023