Saturday 2 March 2019

News Update

Blackpool Promenade reopened at Talbot Square on 1 March after an extended closure with BTS service 1 and Catch 22 Bus service 21 reverting to their regular routes, the 1 running through to Starr Gate once more.

Services 5, 6 and 7 returned to using Market Street, ending the diversion via Coronation St. Northbound buses continue to stop at Clifton St (5/7) and Corporation St (6). 

On Sunday 3rd, the 3 and 4 will revert to using Dickson Road (stop at Funny Girls) rather than serving Queen Street, and the 9 and 14 will move to a new terminus at Corporation Street - both used Clifton Street prior to the tram works starting.

It appears the, 2, 2C, 18 and 19 will be continuing to use St John's Square to access Abingdon St rather than the lengthier run via Topping St, Deansgate, Cookson St, Talbot Road and Clifton St that they used prior to the tram works starting.

Roadworks in Bispham ended on 22nd February allowing the 3, 9 and school service 12 to revert to normal. 

Demonstrator and BTS Fleet
Blackpool Transport has been using a hybrid Mercedes Citaro demonstrator on service 5 during the last two weeks of February. Registered BF68ZHB photos can be found on Alan Robson's blog.

It is understood Trident 340 was sold for use for promotional work in January. Former BTS 362 has now been broken up after suffering accident damage on its way to Dekkabus last year. Enviro 400 439 now has a full rear advert for 'Big Little Moments' for Blackpool Better Start.

Beach Bus is Back
Sunday 16th March sees Catch 22 restart 'Beach Bus' service 26 from Marton Mere to Blackpool. The service runs 0930 to 1730 daily until 3 November with extended hours until 2130 from Marton Mere Tuesdays-Saturdays in July/August and the last two weeks of October, plus Sautrdays in Sept/October and the Saturday/Sunday of Easter Weekend.

Former BTS Trident 353 (E20BTS) has recently joined the Sightseeing Buses fleet affiliated to Catch 22 Bus for open top conversion. This was recently with The Busman, Holmes Chapel. Busman has acquired former BTS Excel 225 from preservation and repainted it in a black and yellow livery in the layout used by Reading Buses on its Excels. It is a regular on rail replacement in the North West.

Coastal Coaches
Coastal has commenced its new tendered services 76, 77 and 77A taken over from Preston Bus. It needs 4 Solos for this, the reduced 78 now needs 2, so it has expanded its Solo fleet from 5 to 7 with the purchase of YJ62FVT and YJ62FXK which were new to Quality Line in London to dual door layout. Both are now single door and in Coastal livery.