Saturday 29 August 2015

Atlantean round up

With the Atlantean era now firmly in the past, and their service afterlife over, some of the remaining survivors have been in the news.

356 - continues in use as a playbus now in the Berkshire area with Wendybus
478 has recently been sold by Haynes Motor Museum of Sparkford, it's new owner has already placed it on EBay for further sale. It too was converted to a playbus on disposal.
444 was purchased for preservation from Irlam Royalettes in June.
445 has been placed on loan to Morecambe Heritage Buses from its preservation owners. It may return to commercial service.

Solos to the North East

Solos 281/282 have joined the fleet of The Eden, West Auckland. These were sold by Blackpool Transport into private ownership in January, with 282 joining the Eden in June and 281 following earlier this month.

Solo 267 has also now entered service with Blackpool Council as a track gang bus numbered 1114, some 14 months after it was repainted into their fleet livery.

High Peak Buses has withdrawn three of its four Solos, with 261 sold for scrap, 266 moving to Centrebus, 263 remaining in store presently.

Of the 19 Solos sold by Blackpool Transport:
  • 263/5 are with High Peak Buses, Dove Holes (263 withdrawn)
  • 262/4 are with Yorkshire Tiger, Leeds depot.
  • 266 is with Centrebus
  • 267 is with Blackpool Council
  • 269, 271-4, 276 are with Halton Transport
  • 281/2 are with The Eden
  • 261, 268, 275, 280 and 283 have been scrapped.

Friday 28 August 2015

Bank Holiday Buses to Lytham Hall

On Bank Holiday Monday, Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust will host their second event centred on Lytham Hall. Like last year a vintage bus display will be held at the Hall, but the vintage bus service will be revised to run every 10 minutes from Lytham Hall to Fairhaven Lake via Lytham town centre from 1000-1600. Ex Blackpool PD3s 501 and 512 will be joining vehicles from the RVPT collection on what is sure to be an excellent event. 

For more details see the RVPT website

Monday 17 August 2015

Brief Update

Blackpool Transport
Summer Holidays have seen extensive use of double deckers on the 12/13 15/16 circular services mainly to provide capacity to/from Zoo and Marton Mere. As a result various other unusual allocations have seen Solos appear on the 1 and 14 on occasions.

Minor service changes are due from 5 September.

Catch 22 Bus
Preserved Ribble Bristol VR OCK997K has entered service on loan to Catch 22 Bus on service 21 during August.
Also Ex Stagecoach London Dennis Trident LX51FNJ has entered service in London red livery on services 12 and 22