Thursday 12 September 2019

More disposals

DAF 360 has rejoined 361/3 at Ashcroft's, replacing burnt out 357. The last DAF to leave was 356 which was towed to Barnsley for scrap today. Volvo B7RLE 524 has passed to David Odgen Travel, St. Helens. 

243, 286/9 are also with Go Southern Coach with DAFs 365/7

Tuesday 10 September 2019


Tridents 305-309 and DAFs 368-72 have passed on mass to Coach Travel Solutions in Blackburn. They left on 30th August and are regularly seen on school services in Blackpool colours.

365/7 have emerged with Go Southern Coach of Newbury. Thanks to Steve Foster for the report - a pic of 367 is on his Flickr site.