Sunday 25 August 2019

Summer Update

A bit of a catch up after a summer break. 

BTS Enviros
The new BTS Enviros settled into service with the longer ones mainly on the 6 and 7 on weekdays and the 6 and 17 on Sundays. The 18 and 19 are normally operated now by the shorter examples alongside the 3 and 4, plus the 2/2C on Sundays.

Also not previously reported, Plaxton Centro bodied Volvo B7RLE 532 has been out of service since it was involved in an RTA earlier this year. It is not known if it is to be repaired.

Former BTS Buses
Recent disposals in the news for contrasting reasons are DAFs 357 and 364. Sadly 357 was destroyed in a fire at Ashcroft's Runcorn depot. 364 has moved from Midland Bus Hire to Cumbria Classic Coaches so the provide a compliant bus on the local service work. It is pictured here. DAF 371, still at Rigby Road, is now carrying a new registration PE02GYZ, its 'cherished' plate is now on a car.

Reading Buses purchased Newbury and District earlier this year, including their six ex Blackpool Solos. These have reverted to their original registrations and are numbered 175-180. 

Two Routemasters, 523 and 525 have been sold to Ensignbus from Tower Transit, having been stored since the end of Heritage Routemaster service 9 in 2014. 523 has since been sold to Dualway in Dublin.

A much earlier disposal, PD3 398 of 1965, has been sighted recently still in Wettern, Belgium, as on this picture of 3 April 2019. It has been there since 1983 along with a handful of other British buses.

Former City Sightseeing Olympian 844 (D244FYM) has been sold for scrap to Partons by Alpine, Llandudno. In recent years it has been a ticket office.

Route Notes
Norcross roundabout is undergoing a major redesign with intial work done overnight, but the first of a series of closures starts on 1st September. The junction south to Carelton will be closed for 7 weeks, with the 14 diverted via Amounderness Way, Breck Road, Poulton and Tithebarn Street to Castle Gardens in both directions. The school 12 will follow the same route to Poulton then onto Baines School. A shuttle bus is to be provided in Carelton. Catch 22 bus 24 will also be diverted.

Illumination timetables will be in place on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays throughout the lights (31st August to 2 November), plus throughout the October 1/2 term period (20 Oct to 2 Nov). The 5, 6 and 7 are split in the Town Centre during the evenings; the southern routes, plus the 11 and 17 will terminate at New Bonny Street, the northern routes at Talbot Road (Wikinsons).  The 3 and 4 will also be diverted in Bispham in the evenings. During the day the 3, 4, 9 and 11 will run at a lower frequency on Saturdays to allow extra running time (the 3 and 4 every 30 mins, the 9 every 15 and 11 every 20).

Catch 22 Bus
Has ex Cardiff Dart CE02UUP in service in green/blue livery, sister CE02UUZ has also joined the fleet.

Coastal Coaches
Solo YJ65ETL has been wrapped in an all-over advert for BP Insurance. YJ68FYR (Miss Elvi) is a recent addition, acquired in January 2019, second hand YJ62FVT (Master Xander) and YJ62FXK (Master Bobby) are now both in service alongside the 5 2015 examples YJ65ETE/F/K/L/O. 

Preston Bus
The Blackpool outstation closed earlier this year following the loss of several LCC school contracts and the 76/77 minibus services.

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Disposals and a repaint

For the first time this year a Blackpool Trident has been repainted in black and yellow with 315 treated in July after removal of its Pleasure Beach advert. 

DAFs 365, 367 and Solos 243, 286 and 289 have been sold to a new operator in the South of England, 365/7 left yesterday.

The last of the first batch of Tridents 305-9 were withdrawn in July and Auguat. 305 last ran on 24th July, 306 1st Aug, 307 2nd Aug, 308 8th Aug and 309 26th July. This leaves 20 Tridents in use (310-7, 319, 322-32). 

A larger update is planned for the weekend, spare time permitting catching up on various things over the last few weeks.