Monday 15 April 2013

Resort Hopping

Report Hopper Solo 294 displays the logo map for the attractions that participate in the Resort Pass. It lays over at the Pleasure Beach (Burlington Road) terminus stop

Sister 258 leaves Blackpool Zoo for Pleasure Beach - a scene that for  most of the last 40 years would have been dominated by Double Deckers

294 again, at Stanley Park Gates stop prior to tuning round Barlow Crescent and heading to the Zoo and Marton Mere
295 turns off Barlow Crescent at Stanley Park

294 leaves Blackpool Zoo heading down Woodside Drive, which is at least colour coded with the bus

295 at Clifton Arms having started its near hour long journey from Marton Mere to Pleasure Beach

295 shows the asymmetrical doors of the later Solos at Stanley Park

294 passes the Cricket Club