Monday, 7 December 2009

February Service Changes

Service changes take place on February 1st as part of the economies Blackpool Transport are striving to achieve to address its poor financial performance, blamed on a combination of heavily reduced concessionary fares reimbursement and the impacts of a year of continual disruption to services due to roadworks.

All services except Lines 1 and 10 are affected in some way. The changes affect the early mornings (before the morning peak), evenings, Sundays and Saturday mornings. Weekday daytime frequencies are unchanged. The more significant changes are summarised below:

Line 6 - evening service reduced from 20 minutes to 30 every day
Line 7 - daytime service between Lytham Square and Saltcotes Road withdrawn (the only weekday daytime change), evening service reduced to hourly after 2100
Line 11 - evening service reduced to every 30 minutes to St. Annes and 60 minutes to Lytham
Line 14 - evening and Sunday service withdrawn between Blackpool and St. Annes Square. Sunday daytime service reduced to run every 30 minutes Fleetwood to Blackpool only (from every 15 mins)
Line 15 - late evening service reduced to hourly
Line 16 - services after 1800 withdrawn. Saturday service reduced to hourly.