Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fleet Update

June has proven to be the calm before the storm with little in the way of fleet changes prior to the major service changes at the end of July. The ex South Lancs Trident 342 has been fully repainted into the new livery (without vinyls as yet) while 340 is now in the paint shop. Excel 214 is the first single deck so painted, and to correct an earlier post, has yet to depart for its engine overhaul. 214 therefore becomes the first bus to lose Metro livery.

The same fate awaits Metrorider 503 as befell the fire damaged Yates building in 2009

Metrorider 503 is expected to depart for scrap shortly. Sister buses 506, 511, 513, 517 and 593 remain in store at Jackson's Coaches yard in Marton along with withdrawn Olympians 365/6. Delta 103, Olympians 367, 813, 844 and 849 remain in store at Rigby Road. 

One of 364's last conventional service workings - Line 7 September 2009
Blackpool Transport's last Atlantean 364 (B364UBV) has been relicensed and was displayed at totallyTransport on Sunday 27 June - its first use since withdrawal at the end of October 2009.