Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New Network [update 28 July]

updated with type allocations 28 July
With most of the new timetables on Traveline, further details of the new network can now be summarised:

Line 1 - Airport to Fleetwood every 20 minutes (day), 30 minutes (eves)
One additional daytime bus added to the operating cycle to make 8. Route re-timed with additional 13 minutes running time Airport to Cleveleys and 6 between Bispham and Airport. Orange Tridents allocated with support from pool buses. 

Line 2/2C Blackpool to Poulton every 15 mins M-S days, 30 mins eves/Suns with alternate journeys to Knott End (2C)
Will now terminate at Corporation Street (C1 - the current Line 6 stand) and operate via Abingdon St and Church Street in both directions. It will no longer serve the Railway Station. This will be subject to revision in August/September when St. John's Square closes to traffic. 7 buses are required with the 2/2C inter-working at Corporation Street. Additional layover is provided with 14 minutes at Corporation St, 16 at Poulton (2) and 12 at Knott End (2C). Sunday services use 3 buses. Excel operated - Solos as spare buses.

Line 3 Cleveleys to Mereside Tesco every 20 mins M-S days, 60 mins eve/Suns
No change to timetable. Route revised in Mereside with Tesco to Cleveleys buses operating via Clifton Road not Langdale Road. 6 buses required - 2 evenings/Sundays. Line 3 liveried Solos allocated

Line 4 Cleveleys Park to Mereside Tesco every 20 mins M-S days, 60 mins eve/Suns
No change to timetable apart from minor change to evening times - but now runs via Whitegate Drive instead of West Park Drive. 7 buses required, 2 evenings/Sundays. Line 4 liveried Solos allocated.

Line 5 Hospital to Halfway House every 10 mins M-S days, 30 mins eves/Suns
No change to route or timetable apart from an earlier morning journey. 9 buses required, Line 5 liveried Solos allocated.

Line 7 Cleveleys to Lytham Saltcotes Road every 15 mins M-S days, 30 mins eves/Suns with alternate journeys to Wesham.
Service extended from Lytham Square to Saltcotes Road via Hospital. Alternate journeys then via Warton, Freckleton, Lower Lane Estate and Kirkham to Wesham. Existing evening/Sunday services to Wesham also now serve Lower Lane Estate. 13 buses required daytimes, 7 evenings and 6 Sundays. Solos allocated usually green/yellow ones.

Line 9 Blackpool to Cleveleys every 10 mins M-S day, every 20 mins Sunday daytimes, every 30 mins eves/Suns
Northern section of Line 11 using 9 buses M-S, 3 eves, 4 Sunday daytimes. Green/Black/Blue Tridents allocated with back up by Olympians.

Line 10 Blackpool to Midgeland Road every 60 mins M-S days
No change - 1 bus required, now operated by Solos.

Line 11 Lytham Square to Grange Park every 15 mins M-S days, 30 mins eves/Sundays
Requires 11 buses during the day, 6 evenings and Sundays. 8xgreen/black/blue Tridents and 3 Deltas allocated with back up by Olympians.

Line 14 Fleetwood to Mereside every 10 mins M-S days, 20 mins Sunday days, 30 mins evenings
17 buses required during the day, 5 in the evening and 8 on Sunday. 12xgreen/black/blue Tridents and 5 Deltas allocated with back up by Olympians and Deltas

Line 15 Staining to Poulton every 30 mins M-S days; Staining to Bispham every 30 mins Sunday days, Staining to Blackpool every hour evenings.
Will now operates via Devonshire Road between Talbot Road and Newton Drive, rather than via Layton. 4 Solos required daytimes, 3 Sundays, 1 evenings.

Line 16 Blackpool to Cleveleys every 30 mins M-F days, 60 mins Saturdays and Sundays. No evening service
Starts from North Station via current 2 route (Whitegate Drive, Waterloo Road, Bond St) to Clifton Drive then Harrowside, Highfield Road and existing 16 to Norcross, Fleetwood Road, Victoria Road to Cleveleys. 7 buses required M-F 4 Sat/Sun - uses Solos normally light blue or black ones.

Line 17 Blackpool to Lytham every 30 mins M-S days hourly every evening, Blackpool to St. Annes every 30 mins Sunday daytimes.
Starts from Albert Road (Argos) and as 14 to St. Annes Square then as current 2 route to Ansdell and via Forest Drive and South Park to Lytham Square. 5 Excels needed Monday to Saturday, 3 on Sundays. Daily evening service is operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council and uses two Solos

The above requires 104 vehicles with 119 low floor buses available once the recent purchases are ready. This compares to the previous 113 vehicles required, of which 89 are allocated as low floor buses from a fleet of 111. Metrorider 518 is now dedicated to the DWP contract.