Friday 3 December 2010

Trident Repaint and Delta Disposal

Delta 118 left for scrap during November. This shot shows it on Abingdon Street avoiding the closure of Talbot Square due to the Yates fire in February 2009
Trident 331 is now in service in the new fleet livery, operating on Line 14 today. 330 is the current repaint project. Meanwhile Delta 118 left for scrap at Parton's of Carlton on 22 November.

Long lost Optare Excel 205 has turned up in Wales. 202 and 205 were sold by Cumfybus of Southport in autumn 2007 and have not been reported since. However 205 arrived with Richards of Cardigan for spares in September 2010. A picture is here on flickr. Further investigation reveals a picture of 202 in a dealers yard in Northfleet understood to have been taken earlier this year. Neither bus has been licensed since disposal by Cumfybus.

Other the other ex Fylde Excels, 201 and 206 remain with GHA - the former currently out of use. 203 is with Centrebus in Grantham. 204 is believed scrapped having been used as a spares donor. Stagecoach still has 208 in use in Chesterfield having escaped its intended cull in April, but 207 was less lucky and has been sold for scrap following a failure on a transfer run to Stagecoach Bluebird.

Former Blackpool 208 loads for Staveley in Chesterfield in September 2010 (M Crisp)