Friday, 21 October 2011

Fleet Update

Delta 119 has left Blackpool for scrap, completing the disposal of the type, save for the two driver trainers. In happier times it heads to St. Annes at Starr Gate on 13 August 2009
The final two withdrawn Optare Deltas have left Blackpool with 122 collected by Parton's on 13th October followed by 119 on 19th. Olympian 409 is expected to follow next week. Repairs have also started on accident damaged Olympian 403. Sister 405 and the sole active ex West Yorkshire example 365 saw use on route 20 today - 25 years to the month since it arrived in Blackpool.

Optare Excel 222 returned from Cummins with its new engine on 14 October, sister 226 headed north the previous day for similar treatment. This leaves just 223 and 225 un-modified. 222 is now in the paint shop (with 375/8) while 221 - is now receiving body refurbishment.

23 July 2009 and Olympian 409 stands at Starr Gate on route 1 with Balloon 713 waiting at the tram terminus. 409 is expected to leave for scrap shortly

19 October 2011 and the same location shows Volvo B7 530 having modernised route 1, while the future of Blackpool's tramway Flexity 001 is tested roughly where 713 was seen above. Single deckers now dominate route 1 - except at weekends when Tridents are more common - those with roller blinds have had 'Starr Gate' added having previously had to display 'Pleasure Beach'