Sunday, 26 February 2012

Final Manx Tridents enter the country

The last three of the ex Bus Vannin Tridents have now arrived with 74 (FMN540E) noted at Blackburn during the week, with 72 (FMN412E) and 73 (FMN158E) noted at Heysham Port this weekend. This completes the delivery programme which started in July with 53 (EMN53Y) which entered service in December as 343 (H1FBT). The second to arrive was 50 (EMN50Y) in November which reached Blackpool in January as 344 (E11BTS) but has yet to enter service. 48/51 (EMN48/51Y) were December's arrivals and are also in Blackpool awaiting their debut as 345 (E12BTS) and 346 (E13BTS) respectively.

49/52 (EMN49/52Y) are understood to have arrived in January and will be the next to be delivered to Blackpool. February has seen all of 71-75 arrive with 71 and 75 delivered to Blackburn first.