Thursday, 3 May 2012

Elton John and Jumbo Hot Dogs

Line 3 liveried Solo 295 passes under the remains of the former Hounds Hill to Promenade 'Tower' Bridge and the banner advert for the flagship Elton John concert on the new Tower headland
Blue 296 and Green 240 show off two of the remaining Line liveries carried by Solos.
Excel 211 passes Tower Headland event site which will do wonders for the sale of Jumbo Hot Dogs
With 225 away just five Excels remain in use in Line 7 colours - here is 212 on its former regular home on Clifton St 
On departure it heads towards Abingdon Street
Sister 220 loads at Manchester Square on route 11
Trident 307 one of 12 out of 16 to retain Line 14 colours leaving Market Street for Mereside 
Heading the other way, 328 turns into Abingdon Street on route 14 to Fleetwood
Ex Isle of Man 345 menaced by giant blades of 'grass' at Central Pier