Saturday, 28 July 2012

DAF and Olympian update

Two more Bus Vannin DAFs have now arrived at Rigby Road with 356/7 joining 354/5. Sisters 360 has now been outshopped at Blackburn joining 358/9.

The end of the open golf has seen the retirement of the Olympians. On the last day (Sunday 22nd) 403, 405, 410 and 370 worked the G02 while 402 and 413 were noted on the G01 along side fleet liveried buses. The service was supplemented at the end of the event but 403 had the honour of the last to return to depot - 413 was the first having failed earlier in the day. The others dropped out of the roster during the week with 415 and 416 seeing least use and 365 and 417 lasting until 20th. 

Eight of the golf advertising buses are understood to have a future as static advertising hoardings at golf courses retaining their advertising. These are likely to be the ECW examples as 365 is understood to have been earmarked for preservation.