Wednesday 29 August 2012

Indian Summer for Olympians

Volvo Olympian 374 contrasts with tram 016 on Bold Street, Fleetwood (both Tony Caddick)
 August has seen extensive Olympian use with the East Lancs examples likely to be replaced by Manx DAFs. 369, 371-373 and Volvo 374 all put in a turn on the once guaranteed low floor route 14 today. Meanwhile withdrawn 414 has joined 412 at Parton's Barnsley - the latter being dismantled today. (Pics 412 and 414)
Olympian 369 at Tesco terminus
The penultimate of the ten DAFs, 361, arrived on 22nd August with just 363 outstanding. 354-363 are confirmed as L50,100-900BTS